We are Setting to Revolutionize Rallycross with the Introduction of the FC2 Concept.

• FirstCorner is launching its innovative “FC2” concept for Rallycross.

• The FC2 , is designed built by Supercar Lites partners OMSE and Avitas , and will be created through a process that recycles and updates the current Supercar Lites platform.

• This concept solidifies FirstCorner and OMSE’s commitment to sustainability in motorsport, offering both fully electric (FC1-X) and now FC2 vehicles running on 100% fossil-free fuel.

• The first 12 FC2 kits will be available from early 2024, with the initial converted Lites cars expected to make their debut in official competition from May 2024.

• The Supercar Lites category will continue to exist in its current form for many more years. It will remain the primary platform for young drivers to gain important 4WD experience and learn the basics of the sport, as well as the required driver skills, before considering a transition to FC2 or Supercar.

• The FC2 offers a clear career and education path for emerging talents in international Rallycross, while also maintaining controlled costs.

Redefining Sustainable Motorsport

After making a significant impact on the industry with the launch of the FC1-X dedicated to the Nitrocross championship  at the end of 2021, FirstCorner, in collaboration with its sister company OMSE, is reshaping the vision of sustainable motorsport in Rallycross.

Pioneering the Second Generation Lites Car

As leaders in transitioning to environmentally friendly motorsport, FirstCorner introduces the second generation Lites car through an innovative program of upgrades and recycling, giving birth to the unique FC2.

Out of an estimated 55 owners of the Supercar Lites platforms, 24 will have the opportunity to recycle their current Lites car through an FC2 kit upgrade. This upgrade will transform their Lites car into an FC2 machine, allowing them to compete in the Supercar category with a considerably lower cost-to-performance ratio.

FC2 Features // Developing an FC2 product able to compete with the best Supercars

The FC2 features a futuristic, redesigned body and is equipped with a turbocharged engine that produces over 550 horsepower and runs on 100% fossil-free fuel.

In terms of pure performance, the FC2 development program will allow the FC2s to compete with the best Supercars currently available on the market.

The FC2 Concept

At its core, the FC2 concept breathes new life into the classic Supercar Lites, marking a significant milestone in motorsport with its recycling and regeneration approach.

Innovation Recycling

The FC2 concept will revolutionize motorsport by creating identical vehicles through the recycling and reuse of surplus components from current Supercar Lites.

Recycling will take two forms: the improvement of current components and the recycling and resale of surplus components on a dedicated website, all with the aim of minimizing the FC2’s carbon footprint.

An Ecological Approach with 100% Fossil-Free Fuel

The FC2 will be exclusively developed using 100% fossil-free fuel, reinforcing Firstcorner and OMSE’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. This eco-friendly approach empowers FC2 owners to actively contribute to reducing their carbon footprint.

Championship Participation

Initially, the FC2 will be incorporated into the Supercar category of the RallyX championship, with a competitive debut scheduled for May 2024. Additionally, the FC2 will soon be introduced as a new category in a high-profile series, with further series announcements at the National Championship level to follow.

Future of Supercar Lites

The Supercar Lites category, active for over a decade in various Rallycross championships, will continue to thrive in its current form with continuing support from OMSE . The introduction of the FC2 concept will enhance the attractiveness and value of the Supercar Lites category, making it an ideal platform for young talent to emerge at the highest level.

A Well-Defined Career Path

Thanks to the introduction of the FC2 concept, FirstCorner now provides young drivers with a clear career path, offering a perfectly defined roadmap. After debuting in Supercar Lites, Rallycross’ most promising prospects can progress to the FC2 category and compete on equal terms with Supercars, all at a significantly reduced cost.

At every stage of their development, drivers will have access to a category aligned with their sporting objectives and budgetary resources, thanks to the original SuperCar Lites series and now with the implementation of FC2.

Below you’ll find additional information about the FC2 concept’s technical specifications, its development program, the delivery schedule for the first cars, pricing and our Investment Reduction Program for current Supercar Lites owners.

For more information and details on the FC2 concept, recycling efforts, and the sustainability approach promoted by FirstCorner and OMSE, please contact:

Kevin Morris

Mobile: +44 (0)7790 722327

Email: kevin.morris@firstcorner.com

Andreas Eriksson 

Mobile : +46 (0)7054 95909

Email : andreas.eriksson@omse.se


Technical specifications

FC2-Kit: Powertrain

Each Supercar Lites vehicle upgrade will be fitted with a new turbocharged in-line 4-cylinder engine, delivering over 550 horsepower and more than 700 Nm of torque, thanks to the FC2-K (FC2-Kit) conversion kit.

Whilst retaining the six-speed SADEV transmission, it will be enhanced with the latest upgrades, including hydraulic gear selection and updated software. The FC2 clutch will feature a revised specification to handle the additional torque generated by the new turbo engine.

Body and Chassis

The FC2’s sleek body kit, designed in-house for optimal aerodynamics to reduce overall drag whilst meeting the modern rallycross design requirements, utilizes lightweight composite materials,

The original Lites chassis will undergo recycling and design changes to reinforce the suspension wishbones and their respective attachment points to the chassis.

FC2 will also feature upgrades to the steering and suspension, including a 40mm increase in suspension travel through upgraded front dampers and new rear dampers with a larger damper piston size offering more stroke and hydraulic bump stops all round.

Pricing and delivery of the first cars

The total cost of the conversion kit is estimated at €75,000. However, with the estimated 30% investment reduction (see investment reduction program below) due to recycling options, the cost of the FC2-Kit to the client could be reduced to around €50,000. The first FC2-Kits will officially go on sale in early November 2023, with delivery scheduled for April/May 2024. Production of further kits will continue throughout the 2024/2025 period.

Investment Reduction Program

FirstCorner introduces an investment reduction program where an estimated 30% of the initial investment for Supercar Lites owners can be recouped by recycling surplus parts. These parts will be made available for re- use in other racing formulas or by current Supercar Lites owners still participating in the original cars, all facilitated through a dedicated website exchange set up by OMSE.

Development Schedule

The construction of the first FC2 test car will conclude in November 2023, followed by three months of intensive testing in the USA. The first 12 FC2-Kits will be available in early 2024. OMSE will continue FC2 development as part of its RallyX 2024 program.