USA was the country where it all started for SuperCar Lites way back in 2013. For years, it helped many drivers to step forward into world rallycross arena. And this year SuperCar Lites is doing what it can do best again at inaugural Nitro Rallycross Championship with a new name : NRX NEXT.

The NRX NEXT 2021 season consisted of 10 rounds at 5 different venues, 2 rounds at each place. The battle was fierce as always. New names versus older SuperCar Lites enhusiasts have raced through the season as the schedule carried the circus from coast to coast.


NRX NEXT 2021 Season Schedule:



Departing the Pacific Coast for the Atlantic Coast, the Nitro Rallycross crew left San Bernardino, California and descended into North Florida to race The Firm for the last round of the 2021 NRX NEXT season. For the three drivers at the top of the Championship points table, everyone knew what was at stake and everyone gave it their all.


In his rookie season, Casper JanssonĀ  from Enlund Motorsports came blazing into the NEXT Championship with consistency and three wins out of ten events, he was crowned Champion with 395 points under his belt. Sage Karam from Dreyer Reinbold Racing fought brave against Casper and grabbed 5 wins trough the season but missing the second round at Salt Lake cost him a possible title as he picked the 2nd overall with 385 points at the standings. Another name from Enlund Motorsports, Martin Enlund finished the season at 3rd place as he completed the podium with 380 points.


NRX NEXT 2021 Standings

1- Casper Jansson – 395 pts
2- Sage Karam – 385
3- Martin Enlund – 380
4- George Megennis – 345
5- Lane Vacala – 310
6- Eric Gordon – 260
7- Conner Martell – 210
8- Kyle Schwartz – 85
9- John Holtger – 70
10- Simon Olofsson – 50