RX Lites 2014 Season started with a huge competition. Young and talented drivers from different countries, showed their hunger to win from the very beginning of openning day in Montalegre Circuit, Portugal.

Sebastien Eriksson from Sweden did the fastest time in open practice sessions. He clocked 41.209 seconds and this was less than 2 seconds slower from besttimer Petter Solberg with his SuperCar. Kevin Eriksson again from Sweden was second with only 0.144 seconds gap. He did his best with 41.353. Another Swede Richard Göransson did his fastest lap with the time of 42.033.

Free practice sessions proved that not only the first round in Montalegre but also the whole season of RX Lites will be in a very close competition.

Afternoon program is scheduled with two heats for RX Lites. Two groups of drivers completed each heat and spectators were pleased to watch RX Lites.

There were Swedish domination on each heats and all RX Lites drivers proved how competitive they can be

After first heat Richard Göransson grabbed 50 points and Sebastien Eriksson followed him with 45 points. Kevin Eriksson took 3rd place with 42 points while Norwegian Daniel Holten came 4th with 40 points. Young Turkish Yigit Timur made it to 5th place despite his false start and penalty he had to face. Daniel Bjork from Sweden, Colombian Alejo Fernandez, Alexander Westlund from Sweden and Polish Aron Domzala finished the heat respectively.

Heat 2 was even more challenging and in order to score more points young and fierce drivers of RX Lites had no mercy to eachother. This really exhilarated the crowds and spectators enjoyed every lap of the session.

Sebastien Eriksson was the top name of Heat 2 while Richard Göransson followed him on 2nd place. Kevin Ericsson and Daniel Holton kept their place on 3rd and 4th again. Aron Domzala went up to 5th place, followed by Alexander Westlund, Daniel Bjork, Alejo Fernandez and Yigit Timur.

Sunday’s schedule will be full of action again. Heats and Semi Finals will lead to Final race on sunday afternoon. You can watch this extraordinary action live on TV and to find the broadcaster close to you please check the list on news section here in this web site.