One of the iconic venues of motorsport has hosted the opening round of RX Lites 2016 season last weekend. Hockenheimring in Baden Württemberg, Germany is one of the temples of the sports history where the legends have many memories since its official opening in 1932. The race weekend contained a joint schedule which includes FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, DTM, Porsche Cup and Audi TT Cup. RX Lites kicked off its new season in such an atmosphere where thousands of fans wowed and cheered the festival under a sunny, beautiful weather.


The first move of the weekend was the free practice session on friday morning. The day witnessed 4 Qualifying Races and each one of them showed action and drama. It was almost impossible to predict the race winners since the challenge was at high level. Every driver had the potential to win the race and they proved that in every lap.

Last season’s rising star Thomas Bryntesson made a flashing entry to the new season with his new contract with JC Race Teknik. Young Norwegian couldn’t manage to win the first 2 qualifying races as newcomer Cyril Raymond won in front of him. But he came back on Q3 and started a serie of wins till the final race. Thomas now is leading the 2016 standings with a perfect point of 30.

After his debut in Canada and a test entry in Barcelona last year, Cyril Raymond of France started his full season campaign with Olsbergs MSE with 2 qualify wins but he retired on Q3 and finished 6th on Q4. He managed to finish both semi-final and final races in 2nd position and gave some clues about how competitive the new season will be.


Joachim Hvaal is one of the most familiar names of RX Lites. He has been racing with his car since the beginning of the series back in 2014. He already proved that the constancy matters the most at a year long series. He finished 4th last year as getting the faster pace in every event. Joachim did not surprise his fans by finishing at the podium in Hockenheimring last weekend. He will be one of the strongest contenders of the series for sure.


Sports1 TV Channel motorsports commentator Patrick Simon of Germany was one of the most colorful names of the event. His aggressive and fast driving style amazed the spectators and he used the advantage of racing in his home soil. Especially the battle between him and Joachim Hvaal at the final race will be one of the best memories from the day. Patrick finished 4 but his 3 seconds penalty dropped him to 5th position after false-start on final race. He expressed his good feelings about the car and RX Lites series in whole. It would be fun to see him racing among the RX Lites youngsters at more events.


Alexander Westlund is back in action after missing the 2015 season. He finished 4th overall and a few unlucky incidents slowed him down and kept him away from the podium. Simon Wago Syversen is another name among the regulars. Norwegian is improving his speed and skills in every race. He already won a qualifying race and managed to join the final group but wasnt lucky enough to finish due to technical issues. Still, with the points he collected from the weekend he holds the 5th position overall at general standings.

Simon Olofsson and Tejas Hirani also couldn’t find what they expected from the weekend. A series of incidents during the race and as well as technical failures kept them down at the standings. They are ready to hit back on the next round. Sondre Evjen of Norway started his season with gaining experiences from the race. He timed some fast lap times on his first ever RX Lites race but missed the chance to join the final race.


RX Lites crews are moving to Mettet, Belgium for the 2nd round since it will be organised just one week after Hockenheimring race. The schedule is getting back to normal as qualify and final races are on Saturday and Sunday unlike Hockenheimring.

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